I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Shadows

This week’s I Heart Faces Photo Challenge is “shadows”. I immediately thought of this photo of Nora, taken at Shi Shi Beach in the late afternoon with her long shadow watching behind her. I remember being amazed that she just stood there for a long time admiring the view. She turned around and calmly told me “The waves are so pretty. I just love this view.” Current studies show that our children today have a “nature deficit.” I am so glad Nora can stop and smell the roses or admire a seaside vista with appreciation and joy.

Check out the other great shadow photos:

5 comments on “I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: Shadows

  1. Kelli says:

    Love her body language 🙂


  2. Simple Girl says:

    This is a beautiful view. Such interesting rock formations!


  3. Geoff says:

    Beautiful composition with nice background.


  4. nikki says:

    So sweetly pensive!!


  5. A great shadow photo entry! I like the view too! Her body language adds interest to the photo! Cute!


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