Once a professional computer geek, international consultant and global adventurer, I am now a mom and wife in a small, slow-paced town, needing some creative inspiration and intellectual stimulation.

My primary passions are anything physical or outdoors. During my decades of travels, my camera has been my constant companion, although I have only recently delved into the technical aspects of my shutterbug hobby. I took my first photography class the summer of 2009, from our local YMCA, and through one simple exercise of finding letters in nature, I began to see EVERYTHING as a potentially beautiful photograph.

In my youth I had no patience or time to stop and notice dewdrops on petals or leading lines for a captivating photo. Exploring the world through my camera, with a fresh eye and an appreciative pace, suits my need for creativity and the instant gratification of capturing life’s moments in pixels.

Although I have no aspirations to become a professional photographer, I do find joy in delighting friends and family with the gift of a beautifully captured photo. Doing something well and hearing a heartfelt “thank you” gives me the boost I need to balance the often thankless job as a mom.

Nora picked out a Baskin & Robbins' ice cream cake - coffee ice cream with chocolate cake - my fav!

Of course, my favorite photos are of my daughter. She is frequently my guinea pig when practicing new photography skills. She delights me, impresses me, softens my heart, challenges me and makes me scream all at once.  When I lose myself in photography, I forget about my frustrations and find myself a more patient and reenergized mom.

Nora (Santa Cruz, Chile)

Photography is like my yoga and my happy place. I can’t climb mountains, kayak or travel like I used to but, I love that my camera has made the life I have now, right where I am, more interesting and beautiful.


Thank you for joining me as I paint my journey through life with photos and words.


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