Without a doubt, travel has been a huge part of my life and many photos posted on my blog are taken on vacation and business trips in the States and overseas. I’ve been taking photos since childhood and one of my goals is to digitize thousands of slide photos taken with my trusty Pentax, during a year travelling 26 countries.  Someday I’ll share those memorable pics from Europe, Africa, Nepal, New Zealand and more.

Happy Travels!
Amelia Andaleon

Here’s just a sample of some of my travel photos:

At the Montes Winery in Santa Cruz, Chile

On Seattle’s newest ferris wheel: The Great Wheel

Nora in Panama (Gamboa)

Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge

The Statue of Liberty from Governor’s Island, NY

Marmots at Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park, WA

The good, the bad, the ugly...I can take it. Talk at me! :)

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