365 Project – 26: Lentil Soup (January 26, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: F1.8, ISO: 200

Lentil soup is often requested by my daughter, which is always sweet music to my ears when I hear “Can we have lentil soup with dinosaur kale?” If she had her choice she’d eat bean and cheese burritos EVERY day, maybe even every meal. I suppose there could be worse things to eat but, having ONE healthy meal that my daughter actually LOVES makes my life so much easier. Today’s post is all about sharing this straight out of the camera pic, not about sharing a recipe. I can make lentil soup in my sleep but, forget about me writing a recipe. If you’ve never made it, you must. It’s so easy, fast, cheap AND healthy. As a bonus for me, it’s also gluten-free so EVERYONE in the family is happy! 🙂 Although I don’t have a recipe to share with you now, I can tell you that I always put a lot of red wine in it. Somehow my soup is just as satisfying whether I include meat or not. In the winter I don’t think about buying avocados but, it is such a treat adding those creamy, green cubes atop a dollop of sour cream. So, splurge on that avocado the next time you make some lentil soup. And, about my recipe…I’ll work on it and share it with you all…someday. 😉

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