Decorating Easter eggs with scarves and turmeric


Search pinterest “how to dye easter eggs with silk ties” and you’ll get a ton of results on this fun decorating idea.  I didn’t have silk ties but, I found some old scarves and put the method to the test.  It worked like a charm!  I also used the simple method of using a rubber band on eggs and dyeing them in turmeric.  It was amazing the deep yellow color I got just out of 20 minutes of soaking.  Will definitely use this technique again, and plan ahead with a trip to the thrift store searching for silk ties!

365 Project – 91 : Hopping into spring break (March 31, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/2500, Aperture: F/2.8, ISO: 400

Nora is my little decorator, especially during the holidays. I know I’m the mom and “should” be leaving little Easter surprises for her but, it’s been fun for me to  find HER decorating touches around the house.   And, I think she loves planting these surprises way more than I do.  Walking out the front door and seeing this little easter bunny basket made me smile.  It’s spring break for us  and we’re hoppin’ on a jet plane soon.  Happy spring break!  🙂

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