Macro photography: Cherries or apples?

It’s probably not difficult to tell that these are cherries but, when I cropped and rotated this photo I was struck with the thought that these could look like shiny apples. Mostly I’m happy that we came back from vacation with our tree full of ripe, juicy cherries without any sign of birds or pests, so I wanted to share a photo of this beautiful fruit! A friend thought it was the lack of starlings this year. Or, maybe the glittery streamers I picked up from the nursery did the trick? Whatever the reason, we’ve been picking like crazy and enjoying the last of our mouth-watering cherries!

Camera: Olympus E-500 with Macro lens
F-Stop: F/3.5, Exposure: 1/125, ISO-100

2 comments on “Macro photography: Cherries or apples?

  1. looktosea says:

    Great shots! Would love a macro lens!


  2. meelswa says:

    Thanks! You know, this prime macro lens was the first lens I every purchased and I love the clarity and of course the ability to really get up close to subjects. I bought it for my Olympus E-500, my “old” camera, for about $150. I mostly shoot with my Nikon D5000 but, just because of that macro lens I’ll hold onto my Olympus. Plus, it’s a great camera because the body weighs less than my Nikon so it’s my choice for hiking/backpacking when I want to capture some wildflower macro photos. Shop around. you might be surprised how inexpensive a macro lens can be for your camera…then go get one! Thanks for stopping by!


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