Awww shucks…another photo contest win! :)

Earlier this week I blogged about this photo of Nora, which I also entered in this week’s Ready, Set, Snap!  “Devin Decides” photo contest (last week’s topic was “Tricky Light”)…and this photo WON! 🙂

6 comments on “Awww shucks…another photo contest win! :)

  1. Awesome colors in that photo!


  2. meelswa says:

    Thank you. My sweet daughter was in a rare time out on this couch and I just HAD to take photos because of those rich colors. Poor thing…I bribed her with shaving a few minutes off her time out just so I could take her photo. It was worth it!! LOL


  3. I DO love that photo. Congratulations, Meels! xoxo


  4. meelswa says:

    Thanks Carrie! xoxoxo


  5. KJ says:

    winner winner, chicken dinner! well deserved win, meels. 🙂


  6. meelswa says:

    hehe Thanks KJ!


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