365 Project – 255: Remembering 9/11 as the Freedom Tower continues to rise from the ashes (September 11, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: F/1.4, ISO: 800

I’ve posted several photos of the Freedom Tower from our summer visit to Manhattan but, thought I’d post another one in remembrance of 9/11. Here’s a night scene at Washington Square, full of locals, tourists and talented troubadours,  feeling safe and secure with the illuminated Freedom Tower growing beautiful, strong and tall in the background.   New York City is such a vibrant, incredible city and it’s  inspiring to see its amazing recovery after 9/11.

The Freedom Tower reminds us of what was lost,  but, also lifts our spirits by symbolizing the resiliency and spirit of New York City and our country.

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Day 4 – New York City (American Museum of Natural History, Babbo, Washington Square)

Started blogging in a taxi on our way to dinner at Mario Batali’s “Babbo” restaurant and had a nice conversation with our taxi driver who is from Nepal, one of my favorite countries. I love the diversity in this city!! I love the history and culture too, including at the American Museum of Natural History. I have fond memories of school field trips here so it was another walk down memory lane for me. For Nora, she kept wondering if the animals would come alive like in “Night at the Museum”. For sure, the museum is a gem and we’re so grateful for our day at the museum. What else was so awesome? You can enter the museum BY DONATION ONLY!! We paid full price but it’s so wonderful that they make this amazing experience and institution accessible to everyone. So, I have to say it again…I LOVE NEW YORK!!

And, dinner at Babbo? OMG.. serious foodie heaven. I just love and appreciate Mario Batali’s culinary genius even more! The service was impeccable too. Our best food experience so far…maybe ever! A splurge but, worth every penny. Appetizers: arugula salad and beet tartare. Primi: Pappardelle Bolognese. Contorni: heirloom tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella. Secondi: Skirt steak on salsa verde with eggplant and pickled onions. Dolci: pistachio and chocolate semifreddo (my fav), fresh in-house strawberry gelato (Thad’s fav), chocolate hazelnut cake with in-house hazelnut gelato (Nora’s fav). We shared it all family-style and enjoyed the company of another family seated next to us, from Indonesia. Seriously, EVERYTHING, the food, ambience and experience was fabulous!

And, I had fun just taking slice of life photos in Greenwich Village and Washington Square. It was an amazing, comfortably warm evening with views of the Freedom Tower, Empire State Bldg through the Washington Square Arch, the fountain , New York skyline at sunset, and the best people watching. It’s our last night in New York and we’ve loved every minute. For sure, New York City is a family-friendly vacation spot. We look forward to coming back for more!!