Happy Valentine’s Day!

Exposure: 1/50 ISO: 400 Aperture: f/4.5 Lens: 18-55mm zoom

I took this photo at Dungeness Spit (Sequim, WA) a few months ago and thought I’d save it for my Valentine’s Day post. But, I’m in Hawaii now so I’ll work on posting a tropical heartilicious photo lay-tah. 😉

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (a Missoula Children’s Theater production in Sequim, WA)

After a crazy week of rehearsals after school we were finally treated to our first Missoula Children’s Theater experience with our Norita playing a diabolical, baby bat!

It was amazing what MCT produced with just 4 days of after-school rehearsals culminating in two amazing and hilarious musical performances. Just two MCT actresses worked with ~ 60 kids aged K-12 fostering confidence, teamwork and FUN! Nora is sometimes shy so we were so proud of her that she even wanted to audition. After the first rehearsal she proclaimed “I LOVE ACTING!” She had no lines but she did let out a tiny “SQUEAK!” as a baby bat and along with the other bats she had to learn stage positions and some choreography.

I’ve become a huge Missoula Children’s Theater fan. I’m so grateful for their touring program enabling small towns like ours the opportunity for theatrical productions for our kids. It’s less than a week-long experience but, it’s something our kids will remember for a lifetime. 🙂

A fun photo shoot in Sequim (Carrie Blake Park and Port Williams)

It’s funny how a prop or landscape can stop you in your tracks and you just HAVE to take some photos. Does that happen to you too? A few months ago Nora and Isabella had a playdate at Carrie Blake Park. They ran over to this bridge, I happened to have my camera and I begged them let me to take a few photos of them. (Actually, Isabella is always camera-ready, my daughter on the other hand needs bribery or in this case, a cooperative friend. There was no way she was going to let Isabella have ALL of the spotlight. I digress…)

So, I shot this photo and just kept going. I fell in love with the gnarly root, the leading lines of the bridge and the yellow foliage. I kept going until the girls couldn’t take anymore. But, look at them, how could I NOT take these photos?

But, after reviewing my photos I learned that the root appeared sharper than the girls’ faces and the yellow foliage and light created a yellowish color cast. After receiving some comments on an I heart faces forum I learned that I have some new techniques to explore and hone: custom white balance and back-button focusing. And, getting that beautiful light, sweet exposure and eye-catching composition is always something I need to improve. That will be for another post…


Nora and Isabella tend to have playdates that last forever. Part two of the playdate took them to beautiful Port Williams where they ran and jumped barefoot on the beach. I love photography because of the precious moments you can freeze in time. It makes my heart happy to see the love and joy between these two “sistas.” 🙂