365 Project: Photojournalism homework – black & white environmental photograph

In my photojournalism class I learned what an “environmental” photograph is, which has to do with paying attention to your surroundings and background of a shot, to help define the context of your photograph.

I took several photos during a movie shoot here in Port Angeles and for my homework assignment I chose this photo of director Dickie Flicks because I captured a commanding expression on his face, catch light in his eyes, the texture of his shirt, skin, and tatoos,; the courthouse building behind him is defined by the doors, pillars and the sign.  However, during my class critique, the photo did not give enough context about what was happening at this moment.  The photo would have been stronger if I included a camera, or anything that gave me context explaining that a movie was being shot at this location.

I included additional photos which MAY have been better choices to illustrate an environmental photograph.   I’m enjoying my class and happy to be learning what it takes to capture a photojournalistic shot. 🙂


Director Dickie Flicks outside Clallam County Courthouse – Port Angeles, WA


Director Dickie Flicks “seeing” his shot outside Clallam County Courthouse – Port Angeles, WA


Actor Dave Schecter at the podium with director Dickie Flicks


Actor Dave Schecter at the podium with actress Allison Weathers. Cinematographer Domenic Barberi in glasses with David Gardner.


Makeup artist Jamie Scott with actor Dave Schecter


Makeup artist Jamie Scott with actress Allison Weathers


Actress Allison Weathers with co-director Ryan Herring, stepping in as an actor.


Camera operator Dave Gardner taking a break with co-director Ryan Herring behind him.