365 Project – 197: Mt Olympus looming large from Hurricane Ridge – Port Angeles, WA (July 16, 2013)


Hiking at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park – Port Angeles, WA

365 Project – 307: Fresh snow on Hurricane Ridge – Port Angeles, WA (November 3, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: F/8.0, ISO: 400

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Yes, the sun IS here…just get up above the clouds!! (Hurricane Ridge and the wildflowers)

July 26th…gray and gloomy. Ho hum. When…will…summer…arrive?? But, it has!! You just need to go up, up, up…above the clouds!!! A friend and I thought it would be a good day to take pics of the wildflowers at Hurricane Ridge. That’s one way to take advantage of cloudy weather, right? Of course, when we arrived we got bright, bright sun! My daughter joined us, taking photos herself with her disposable hello kitty camera, and here she is loving the views, flowers and sun! As for taking wildflowers photos? Not so bueno but, no matter. Just being up there was heavenly!! It was a great reminder to check the Hurricane Ridge webcam.

FYI – since I thought I was taking wildflower photos I brought my Olympus E-500 with macro lens. 2pm summertime with the sun bright and high in the sky obviously did not make for ideal shooting conditions but, good enough to get these candid photos.

Camera settings for these two photos were: F-stop: F/10, Exposure: 1/400, ISO-100

And, check out the video snippet below of the gorgeous vistas:

Orcas in Port Angeles harbor…still

About 9:30am this morning orca fins surfaced in the Port Angeles harbor near the Paddle Park. I wasn’t fast enough to pull out my camera to get a shot but, it was exciting to know they’re still here. So, just an FYI for my local friends if you want to do some whale watching. We’re packing up a picnic dinner and hanging out at the beach. It’s a gorgeous day…and MAYBE we’ll be lucky enough to see an orca!
Here’s a link to yesterday’s article and the orca photo published in the Peninsula Daily News

Although I didn’t get that elusive orca photo…yet! 😉 I did capture these lovely mountain shots of Mount Baker looming large behind the San Juan Islands and a cloud curtain slowly falling as Hurricane Ridge made its grand morning appearance.

Mt. Baker - March 23, 2011

Hurricane Ridge - March 23, 2011

Exhibit 2: Peninsula Playground

Peninsula Playground
As a contrast to the Rainy Day Hues series of photos (matted in black), I matted these photos in white with a black frame.  These are clustered separately mostly keeping with landscape vistas and blue and white hues, except for the Sunset Runner.  These photos were taken with my zoom lens, 40-150mm.

Sunset Runner (Cape Alava)

UPDATE:  The only photo displayed from this series is the Sunset Runner.  When we tried to hang all of these photos, it was too busy next to the  Rainy Day Hues series.