365 Project: Jar cozies

I needed a way to protect hands when serving hot, drinkable soup in these jelly jars so I took fabric scraps to make these jar cozies. For my women’s yoga retreat I needed 16 bowls, which I didn’t have, so coming up with this alternative cups makes serving up the soup so much more fun! And, I was so happy to re-purpose and recycle items in my house!

365 Project: Opaline Cafe & Bakery #seattle

Following Yelp reviews, we stumbled upon this little bakery with a tiny dining room in the back allowing a full view of glass blowers at work. It was fascinating and fun for both my daughter and I. And, it’s free, although we grabbed a bite and chai at the cafe. Such a fun find!



365 Project – 200: It’s Friday! Are you ready to Jumble? Unscramble LUPRAS #fridayjumble #picoftheday #jumble #iphonography

I’ve unscrambled three of the words, solved the answer (RARELY), and gave you the letter “L” as a clue.

Answer correctly first by replying to this post and get your name and website/blog link listed here!

Evening update: No answer submitted yet but, I’ll wait until tomorrow to post the answer if no one else does.  Sweet dreams!

??? answered correctly first!



365 Project – 181: Cowgirl up! ;) (July 1, 2013)

My daughter in her cowgirl digs for her first ever horse camp. She totally looks like she’s in her element! 😉

365 Project – 164: Sun, nature’s Christmas tree topper ;) (June 14, 2013) #iphonography #picoftheday #sunnyportangeles #photography

yup, just sun, blue sky and a giant evergreen tree. it looked like a sparkly christmas tree topper to me! the last few days have been riddled with overcast skies and rain so around here, when the sun comes out, it’s a sight to behold. 😉


365 Project -161: House concert w Joy Kills Sorrow (June 10, 2013) #joykillssorrow #portangeles #picoftheday #iphonography

Applying different effects using Camera+ on my iPhone.