365 Project: Good morning Seattle! Mt Rainier at sunrise



365 Project – 143: I hate tent caterpillars! (May 23, 2013)

Hate is a strong word which I rarely use but, I really do hate these tent caterpillars, especially when they try to kill my fruit trees!! I just noticed this infestation on my cherry tree, which produces the BEST cherries! Time to prune and drown them and hopefully save this cherry tree. It apparently is a bad year for tent caterpillars. UGH!

365 Project – 141: Rusty bunker door…Fort Warden – Port Townsend, WA (May 21, 2013)

Hiking from Fort Warden to North Beach lets you explore these historic bunkers, a walk in the forest, and vistas across to Whidbey Island and Canada. For sure, it’s a fun place for a photo shoot with lots of textures and interesting backgrounds.  Strolling the car-free trails is dog- and kid-friendly too. Make sure to visit the bunkers during your next trip to PT! (aka Port Townsend)


lots of cool looking rusty bunker doors at Fort Warden


and eerie, drippy bunker tunnels to explore


or, maybe you’ll be inspired to rock out some yoga poses! LOL