365 Project: Fairy blankets and gossamer spiders…cobwebs everywhere!

Our juniper shrubs have been covered with cobwebs which, up close are beautifully delicate and intricate. From my googling, these cobwebs may have been woven by gossamer spiders or some other spider, and are referred to as fairy blankets. Apparently, any delicate, airy spider web can be considered a fairy blanket. My daughter still likes to believe in fairies and leprechauns and unicorns so any sign of magical creatures is pretty exciting. And, I just loved adding the magical word gossamer to to my vocabulary. It weaves such a pretty picture in my mind. 🙂

365 Project – 221: Flight of the bumblebee (August 9, 2013)

Summer with my kiddo at home and my yoga teaching schedule has kept me from photo blogging much but, today I took my D7000 and 85mm/1.4 lens out for a spin, while a ton of bees were buzzing around my lavender.  I stayed calm, believing that bees could smell fear, because I’m allergic to bees.  I squatted down, played with my settings on Manual with 1.4 aperture and the Sports setting, and became mesmerized by the bees buzzing between the lavender stalks.  My eye was drawn to the contrast of the striped black and yellow bumble bees, although another variety of predominantly yellow bees were also buzzing about; they just didn’t make the cut for the photo shot! LOL

I quickly became obsessed with capturing these bees in flight. With my lens set for continuous shooting, I aimed, focused, and shot four hundred and fifty one frames! Here are ten of my best shots…capturing bees in flight is hard!!  I definitely have an increased appreciation for action and wildlife photographers!  Enjoy and I hope your weekend is buzzing with excitement, fun and adventure! ;D

221-7 221-5 221-6 221-2 221-3 221-4 221-8 221-9 221-10 221-11

365 Project – 203: Black-eyed susan – Port Angeles, WA (July 24, 2013)


365 Project – 143: I hate tent caterpillars! (May 23, 2013)

Hate is a strong word which I rarely use but, I really do hate these tent caterpillars, especially when they try to kill my fruit trees!! I just noticed this infestation on my cherry tree, which produces the BEST cherries! Time to prune and drown them and hopefully save this cherry tree. It apparently is a bad year for tent caterpillars. UGH!

365 Project – 41: Signs of spring at my front door :) Port Angeles, WA (February 12, 2013)


365 Project – 294: Hooks…hooking up ;) (October 22, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: F/7.1, ISO: 400 – converted to black and white in Lightroom

In the garden shed…those two hooks, in focus, on the right, look like two heads of a couple getting all cozy. Can you see that?

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