Happy Valentine’s Day!

Exposure: 1/50 ISO: 400 Aperture: f/4.5 Lens: 18-55mm zoom

I took this photo at Dungeness Spit (Sequim, WA) a few months ago and thought I’d save it for my Valentine’s Day post. But, I’m in Hawaii now so I’ll work on posting a tropical heartilicious photo lay-tah. 😉

An optical illusion: find the hidden image in the driftwood

This is a driftwood log the morning after a soaking rain. Before you scroll down for the answer, or MY answer that is, what do YOU see?

OK…because my daughter told me you can see the hidden image better in this second photo I added this one taken from a slightly different angle. Here’s a clue…it’s an animal?  See it now?  If not, what do YOU see?

Maybe it’s because I am reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my daughter but, I see the profile of a lion or maybe “the beast” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Can you see the resemblance? It’s so clearly obvious to me I assume you will see it right away too.

Well, some of you have seen an alien, owl, baboon, Chewbacca, Davy Jones and a beast.  To help you see what I see I’ve included my “John-Maddened” photo. You can see the lion now…right?? 😉

Thanks for playing along!!!! 🙂