Full moon photography – tips please


Nikon D7000, Nikkor 85mm 1.4G (ISO400, f4, 1/400) – used tripod.

Photog skills are rusty. Another skill to sharpen during this corona-tine.

Any tips for capturing moon shots?  And, in the foreground I had trees.  If I adjusted settings to see the evergreen trees the moon was too bright and washed out.  To get the craters in the moon I couldn’t figure out how to also include the trees.

Appreciate any of your photog tips!  Thanks!

Whales! Photos taken from the shore near Monterey and Capitola, CA

I have neglected blogging, and taking photos, since we’ve moved to California but, decided it was time to share a few shots of whale sightings in the Monterey Peninsula.  It’s been such a thrill and delight to watch whales several times in the last few months, just from the shore. Powerful, peaceful and magical whales…they calm and astound me.

Humpback whale lunge feeding - Capitola, California

Humpback lunge feeding off the shores of Capitola, CA (July 2014)

humpback whales monterey peninsula

Two of the six humpbacks I watched from Moss Landing near Monterey, California (September 2014)

Day 4 iHeartFaces December photo challenge: Shadow Play (December 4, 2012)


365 Project – 331: Norita celebrated the big “7” at Disneyland :) (November 26, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/250, Aperture: F/3.2 ISO: 400

At the “happiest place on earth”, it was just a bit happier when Norita was greeted with extra smiles, waves and “Happy Birthday Nora” wishes all day.  If you’re there for your birthday, ask for the magical birthday button.  It made our birthday girl feel extra special!   🙂

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365 Project – 329: Leaving on a jet plane – iPhone (November 24, 2012)

My hubby tells me we were lucky to catch such a clear (aka no smog) shot of the San Gabriel mountains. And, I captured a not-so-proud parenting moment when daddy let Nora have these neon orange Pringles for breakfast in the airport. Bleh!!

So long blue skies and sunshine. Back to the land of grays, greens, fresh air, goretex, and galoshes. 😉