Good morning bird of paradise! (Danville, CA)

First springtime in our new California home…and excited about watching our first bird of paradise open up in our backyard! 🙂

Bird of paradise - springtime Danville, California

Bird of paradise – springtime Danville, California


365 Project: Reaching for the sun #indiansummer #portangeles #picsoftheday #365project #iphonography #sunnysaturday

After the fog burned off… We continue to be blessed with summer in Port Angeles! Sunny and 74 in our backyard – awww…


365 Project – 203: Black-eyed susan – Port Angeles, WA (July 24, 2013)


365 Project – 155: Using my macro lens in my garden (June 4, 2013)

Since tent caterpillars invaded our trees and garden, part of my daily ritual is removing these critters from my garden by hand (gloved hand that is.) As I picked TEN tent caterpillars off my blueberry bushes this morning I decided to capture them first with my macro lens. As much as I detest them right now, well, detest what they do to my garden that is, they are kind’ve cool looking. While I was at it, I also got a shot of this slug (yup, got rid of those too…yuk!). And, to balance out the ICK-factor, I included a pic of some sweet flowers my daughter planted by seed last year. 🙂

ABOUT MY CAMERA: For these pics I used my old (10+years old) Olympus E-500, which I keep because of my prime macro lens. Because of its light body, it’s a great camera for hiking and capturing closeups of wildflowers and critters.