365 Project – 106: Juicing with grapefruit and cucumber (April 17, 2013)

I’m a big fan of juicing and smoothies with fruits and veggies but, I tend to take a break during our cold winters. But, spring is here and the citrus is so sweet and juicy we’ve been going through them by the segment or in our juicer. We’ve been on a cara cara kick but, now I’m loving the grapefruits which are delicious! I was prepping this grapefruit and cucumber and had to take a pic before throwing them into my Krups juicer. So refreshing…and pretty!!!


365 Project – 103: Arnica for my aching back (April 13, 2013) #arnica #backpain

Not sure what tweaked my back last night but, yesterday I could barely walk and today I’m a bit better after rest, ice and Arnica. It was amazing how quickly I felt some relief after massaging in a bit of this Arnica gel. Love this stuff!! Got any other natural remedies for an aching back? Let me know! 🙂