Love our planet and all creatures big and small (dolphin – Big Island, Hawaii)

Celebrate the earth by taking care of this planet that feeds our hunger, quenches our thirst, and gives joy through playful dolphins, stunning sunsets, and colorful flowers.  This dolphin played in the wake of our catamaran earlier this year on the Big Island in Hawaii. The sight of this dolphin reminds me how much I care about keeping our oceans clean for our creatures to swim, play and be part of our lives. Our planet takes care of us and it’s up to us to conserve, keep our waters clean and our soils healthy and free of toxins.  How will you celebrate, show gratitude, and take care of our generous planet today…and every day?  When we take care of our planet, we take care of ourselves.  Love and light…

Happy Earth Day 2015 - Spinner Dolphin - Big Island, Hawaii

Happy Earth Day 2015 – Common Dolphin – Big Island, Hawaii


I am offering another Women’s Yoga Retreat in Port Angeles, WA and I have gift certificates available which is a great stocking stuffer idea for the holidays! For more information go to this link on my yoga blog.


365 Project – 174: About my Journey into Power Level One Baptiste yoga teacher training – Sedona, AZ (June 24, 2013)

Attending the Baptiste Journey into Power yoga teacher training was a huge accomplishment for me. Making the commitment to register was super exciting and the fact that I actually completed the rigorous training is something I’m really proud of, mostly because of my chronic fatigue. My CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) was diagnosed about 6 years ago and since then I’ve been struggling with finding a cause for my tiredness and trying remedies to gain energy in all areas of my life. Power yoga has been a HUGE help over the years, making a positive difference in my life and recently propelling me onto this yoga teacher path. One thing I learned from this teacher training is that I actually DO have more energy than I realized. There’s no way I could have made it through the 15-17 hour days with challenging yoga practices and little sleep without tapping into my unrealized power. Training with Baron Baptiste is more than just learning about asanas or alignment. I discovered how to identify energy blocks and possibly uncovered the root causes of my chronic fatigue. Being back home in Port Angeles, where it’s gray and rainy right now, also made it clear that I definitely feel more energized in the SUN!! Well, it was a heart-opening week full of “aha” moments for sure. I’m grateful for the opportunity for this training and am motivated for more!!!


Outside my Tao Casita


A few of the amazing yogi friends I made during training. 🙂


Slow down and breathe…

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365 Project – 149: Drawing a bath with Aveda stress-fix soaking salts (May 29, 2013)


A hot soak for my achy muscles


A scoop of these Aveda stress-fix soaking salts and a cup of Epsom salts turned my home bath into a lavender-scented spa 🙂

365 Project – 139, 140: Half-moon and Warrior 3 (May 20, 2013) #yoga #picoftheday

My hubby took these pics of me playing outside in Port Townsend during a recent yoga retreat. Yoga is my happy place, whether I’m taking or teaching class. But, doing yoga outside (sans rain!) is the best! 🙂



365 Project – 135: Sunny side up – yum or yuk? (May 15, 2013)

I’m a sucker for a runny egg yolk.  This is my typical breakfast, two slices of Udi’s gluten-free toast topped with local farm fresh sunny side up eggs, sprinkled with tumeric (more for the anti-inflammatory properties than for flavor.)  But, for some, runny egg yolks are disgusting.  Are you a fan of that rich, golden, runny yolk?  Yum or yuk??


365 Project – 106: Juicing with grapefruit and cucumber (April 17, 2013)

I’m a big fan of juicing and smoothies with fruits and veggies but, I tend to take a break during our cold winters. But, spring is here and the citrus is so sweet and juicy we’ve been going through them by the segment or in our juicer. We’ve been on a cara cara kick but, now I’m loving the grapefruits which are delicious! I was prepping this grapefruit and cucumber and had to take a pic before throwing them into my Krups juicer. So refreshing…and pretty!!!

365 Project – 103: Arnica for my aching back (April 13, 2013) #arnica #backpain

Not sure what tweaked my back last night but, yesterday I could barely walk and today I’m a bit better after rest, ice and Arnica. It was amazing how quickly I felt some relief after massaging in a bit of this Arnica gel. Love this stuff!! Got any other natural remedies for an aching back? Let me know! 🙂