365 Project – 10: Paco’s soulful, memory-stirring eyes (January 10, 2013)

ISO 400, f/1.4, 1/3200 sec, flash (Nikon D7000 with 85mm/1.4G lens)

ISO 400, f/1.4, 1/3200 sec (Nikon D7000 with 85mm/1.4G lens)

Oh, these beautiful eyes reach into my soul and still my heart. Almost 10 years ago we got Paco when we were having a hard time getting pregnant. To cope with my maternal pangs we got this 7 week-old puppy, the runt of the litter with no tail, and he comforted me through 3 1/2 years of every negative preggo test, failed fertility treatments, and miscarriages. So, I refer to Paco as my soulmate and my firstborn. When I was upset he would just stare at me with those soulful eyes and “tell” me that everything was going to be okay. He’d let my wet tears fall on his soft fur and while raising him he taught me that I had the makings of a caring, thoughtful parent. One day, while we were starting the adoption process, I miraculously got pregnant (I found out at the dentist office…that’s another story), even after we quit fertility treatments and after the docs gave us dismal news about our poor chances to conceive. I’m grateful for our miracle daughter, now 7 years old, and our sweet, sweet Paco. These eyes are soulful, magical, comforting, healing, heartwarming and memory-stirring. ♥♥♥


3 comments on “365 Project – 10: Paco’s soulful, memory-stirring eyes (January 10, 2013)

  1. raymond provost says:

    I have to understand the d5000 didn’t make the job anymore, and you’d decided to go for the D7000. Worth the change ?


    • meelswa says:

      What do YOU think? Can you see a difference in this D7000 pic? So far I’m noticing the creamy bokeh and my 85mm lens is a dream. :). I still love my D5000 but the D7000 was a Christmas present. Just learning how to use it so looking forward to seeing what I get!!


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