My little girl has earrings!!! And, getting her ears pierced was fast, easy and painless. :)

20120906-221912.jpg6 3/4 years old and she got her ears pierced!  For years she’s been asking for them, chickening out, and then during her first week of first grade she said she was ready!  She was a little scared but, my friend Gena and her helper were pros, setting up the guns to go off at the same time, and Nora barely flinched.   It took literally seconds to get it done.  I was like “geez, what was all the fuss about??”  So happy all went smoothly for my sweet Norita.   You got little girls, or boys, scared to get their ears pieced?  Check out the video and show them how easy, fast, and painless, it can really be.  🙂


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