Tomorrow she’ll be a first-grader – *sniffle sniffle*

20120903-221818.jpgSchool supplies packed, hot lunch ready for her thermos in the morning, forms filled out, and clothes laid out for the big day: her first day of first grade! We have everything prepared, including the note I’ll sneak into her lunch pail, but I wasn’t prepared for these feelings of missing her and not wanting her to grow up so fast! I don’t know why this is happening now since she’s been independent and in day care or pre-school for almost 4 years and her elementary school days will actually be shorter than last year’s kindergarten and after-kindergarten music school. And, this isn’t even a new school for her… she was there last year! Just yesterday I was looking forward to school so I could gain back MY time to work, go to Zumba, or just any kid-free activity! WTH???

So, I just couldn’t stop watching her sleep on her purple unicorn pillow pet thinking that tomorrow she’ll wake up a first-grader. I’m feeling this enormous love for her with my heart and tears welling up because I just miss my baby girl. But, I’m so thrilled for her too, because she is soooo excited about first grade. She worked hard to get ready for school too. She even WANTED to make sure she got to bed on time so she gets a good night’s sleep. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

For now, I’m grateful she’s sleeping peacefully and I better stop staring at her and go to sleep myself. HA! Tonight I just had one of those many moments of powerful, overwhelming, unconditional love that I think is a special privilege bestowed upon parents.

I’m feeling grateful, sappy and wishing all you parents and kids a wonderful back to school adventure!
– Meels


4 comments on “Tomorrow she’ll be a first-grader – *sniffle sniffle*

  1. tferre6 says:

    So sweet! Tks for sharing Meels and my sentiments as well:) 😦


  2. Grayce Klass says:

    So traumatic FOR THE PARENTS 🙂


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