365 Project – 228: Using MCP Actions Lightroom Mini Quick Clicks™ Presets – available free for download (August 21, 2012)

I love this photo of these siblings, back home from college, taken during a morning family photo shoot at Ediz Hook in Port Angeles, WA, with Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park) in the background. The first photo is the original, straight out of the camera photo. I had my flash on as a fill flash since it was so bright out, at 8:30am. The second photo was edited using a new MCP Actions Lightroom Mini Quick Clicks™ Presets which you can download for free. Using this lightroom preset was a super-easy post-processing step, and in this case I think it helps the photo pop a bit more. It may just be a matter of preference. The original “cooler” photo, or the edited “warmer” photo? What do you think?

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Shutter Speed: 1/200, Aperture: F/9.0, ISO: 200, FLASH – original

Edited in Lightroom using MCP Preset “Light Bright Colors + Decrease Exposure 1/2 stop”

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