Day 5 – Cake Boss (Hoboken, NJ)

Just a short ride on the Path train from Manhattan we moved on to New Jersey with a special visit to Cake Boss. We had to wait in line while they let us in groups of 20. No celebrity sightings but, they were filming the crowd outside, so maybe we’ll be on one of the episodes! hehe We got photos of Nora with her cousins in front of the Buddy Valastro cutout. And, we binged on a tasty sampling of the Carlos Bakery pastries: lobster tail (yum), cannoli (too sweet), cupcakes (red velvet was the winner), cookies (the kids’ fav), strawberry cheesecake (OMG…sooo good), cream puff with hazelnut cream (another fav), and eclair (good but, too sweet). My cousin and I will probably end up with a sugar hangover and with my gluten-sensitivity I’ll be paying for our pastry binge later. We demolished the sweets so fast I didnt even bother to take photos! Oops!! But, it was sooo worth it!!







One comment on “Day 5 – Cake Boss (Hoboken, NJ)

  1. bonchickabon says:

    looks soooooooooooooo good!!!!! definitely worth it!!! :o) love you!


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