Posting this Lightning photo from my other blog, The Juicy Mamas.

The Juicy Mamas

Lightning and thunder storms are rare here on the Olympic Peninsula, so last night, when it sounded like the planet was going to crack open, I stayed up during the wee hours to watch nature’s amazing light show. I literally thought “OK, universe, I’m not sure what message you’re trying to telling me but, you’ve got my attention. I’m listening, watching, and get it that there is something WAY bigger and powerful than me, and I’m humbled, for sure.” I sat for HOURS watching the light show and caught this lightning strike with my camera. I also watched the sun come up. It’s 3:00pm now,and almost 12 hours ago I caught this photo…and it’s STILL thundering and striking lightning. WOW!

And, here’s our sweet 9 year-old Paco, hiding under the bed, whose heart was beating out of his chest, like it was July 4th. 😦

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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