365 Project – 149: Baby banana slug…I am TRYING to like you ;) (May 29, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/50, Aperture: F/5.6, ISO: 400

I have to admit, when I see a slug I think “veggie thief!” Actually, harsher words come to mind since they are known menaces to our gardens and my conditioning at the sight of a slug prompts me to grab the salt or set out beer traps to lure them into a drunken stupor before their eternal sleep. Oh…I know, this is soooo morbid and some of you may want to report me to the humane society (although, really, is anyone trying to SAVE the slugs?) but, my fellow gardeners and Pacific Northwest neighbors know the plague of these slimy slugs. See how YOU would feel when you reach in to scoop out dog food for your pooch and your fingers find a slimy creature instead! Or, you skip to your garden to harvest your prized ripe strawberries and they’ve been SLIMED! OK…enough with the slug-bashing. Yes, a slug is still a living creature.  I know, I know!  Through my daughter’s eyes I was reminded about how fascinating all living creatures are.  When my daughter came across this baby banana slug we watched it almost run away from us. It was amazing how quickly it could scoot along on its belly.  It was pretty cool.  Love a slug?  Yeah, that would be a stretch but, I’m TRYING to deprogram that knee-jerk salt reaction.  So, because I really DO care about our planet and all living things I try to at least find ways for slugs to be in my universe without letting them wreak havoc in my garden. Planting marigolds around my veggies, which are a repellent to slugs. Using oyster shells as a mulch or border since the sharp edges scrape their bellies, so another repellent.  The last few years the slugs and my garden have been cohabitating pretty peacefully since I’ve been making more of an effort.  Hmmm…maybe those slugs are actually doing me a favor and forcing me to take care of my garden instead of being a lazy ass? My new mantra: “Get in the garden before it goes to the slugs!” If this ends up being my best garden year ever I suppose I’ll have to thank the slugs! LOL

See more of my 365 Project: Untouched photos from my Nikon D5000 with 50mm lens


3 comments on “365 Project – 149: Baby banana slug…I am TRYING to like you ;) (May 29, 2012)

  1. iszzabele says:

    I like most gardeners suffer from slugs and snails in this damp weather I have tried beer traps, copper tape, and wire salt, egg shells, even throwing them in my neighbours garden ( just kidding ) etc all these methods are not practical long lasting and are harmful to our wildlife. recently a lady Hosta grower recommended a new device to control slugs and snails called the slugbell she has used it and found it to be absolutely brilliant at controlling them. I have just ordered 6 of them to place around my hostas and other flowers in my garden , There web page is http://www.slugbell.com and are PET i.e. Cat , Dog , Bird and wildlife Safe


  2. Well done with dealing with the nasty slugs! My neighbors have chickens and no slugs, so apparently slugs are a great chicken treat!


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