Fiddleheads – the furled fronds of a young fern. Looking for fiddlehead recipes…please share!

Nora says these look like furry seahorses.  I can totally see that, the green body with a brown mane.  In fact, this is a close up of a fiddlehead, the furled frond of a young fern, according to Wikipedia.  They are also supposed to be tasty to eat, according to what I’ve read online.  Here on the Olympic Peninsula we boast a bounty of ferns but, as long as I’ve lived here I have never eaten a fiddlehead.  A few years ago I finally tried harvesting and cooking nettles (yes, stinging nettles that you want to avoid while hiking) and they were sooo yummy, as well as great source of iron.  I think this may be my year to delve into my next native plant culinary adventure with the fiddleheads.

If any of you are fiddlehead experts, in terms of harvesting, cooking…anything, I’d love to learn more about these edible furry-seahorses. Hmmm…I guess I better not refer to them as seahorses if I’m going to ask my daughter to try them!  LOL I promise to do a post on whatever fiddlehead recipe I try.  Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE share your fiddlehead expertise! 🙂


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