Golden Gate Bridge from Lincoln Park

I took a lot of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marina District and the viewpoint near the bridge but, I also liked this view from a bit further away from Lincoln Park.  I even prefer the trees framing the bridge’s towers as opposed to a totally unobstructed view.  What do you think?  San Francisco is for sure a fantastic vacation spot and is a feast for photographers!

3 comments on “Golden Gate Bridge from Lincoln Park

  1. STEVE says:

    Very nice, rarely seen view of the famous bridge! I do prefer the bottom one though ..

    The one limb bisecting the bridge wrecks the top one for me.

    The bottom view, though more “traditional”, make a cleaner interpretaion. A real “postcard” shot!

    I can visualize the “Wish You Were Here!” in the water below.


  2. […] Francisco Bay Area vacay and I brought back quite a few pics for my 365 Project.  I shared some golden gate pics in a previous post but, this is one of my favs taken from the lookout on the SF side,  straight out […]


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