365 Project – 86 : Delapidated beauty (March 26, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/200, Aperture: F/11, ISO: 400

The more I learn about photography the more I see textures, angles, and light. During a photography class walkabout, the red, peeling paint at the back of a book store grabbed me. Are you a photographer that sees the world this way? As a citizen this may look like a downtown eyesore, as a photographer, it’s an interesting photo op. If only everyone saw life this way, able to accept and appreciate the imperfect and the delapidated. Hmmm…

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4 comments on “365 Project – 86 : Delapidated beauty (March 26, 2012)

  1. STEVE says:

    Like the idea, color and textures! Don’t like the fence! I don’t think it adds to image at all. Its distracting to me.

    IMHO this would have been a stronger image had you moved closer to the fence, held the camera overhead a bit, used “live view” with the screen and composed a shot … concentrating on the distressed paint, window frame and perhaps some of the angular roof.

    Unfortunately our society is losing interest in things dilapidated … human and otherwise. If it’s not bright, shiny or new it’s “no good” any more. Bless all those that see value in “old things”.

    (I’m currently restoring a 51 year old boat! I LIKE old stuff!)


  2. meelswa says:

    Steve: You know I always appreciate your comments but…I like the fence. Of course, I intentionally took it “through” the fence, trying to give the perspective of peeking through or over it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh? But, I do like your suggestion. I do think I could work on taking a better shot of this red building and the window. It’ll be a fun challenge to try again. And, I also like “old stuff”…it has character and to me, is beautiful. 🙂


  3. Steve (SLHPHOTO1 at Photobucket) says:

    If the fence were darker … maybe. But my eye keeps bouncing back and forth between the light window frame and the light “fuzzy” fence.

    Perhaps it’s just the lightness of the fence that’s bothersome. Were the fence “burned in” and darker, you probably would get a more “focused” effect, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the color and textures of your real subject!

    But yes, your are quite right about beauty!

    The new page look feels very “summerish”! Nice!


    • meelswa says:

      Good points. And, thanks for your compliment on the new blog look. I’m still not sure if I love it. Was just in the mood to update it and see if the photos “pop” better on a lighter vs. darker background. It’s a work in progress 😉


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