365 Project – 81: Candid and natural (March 21, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/200, Aperture: F/2, ISO: 1600

The combo of having my daughter “trapped” in the shower and the natural light falling from the skylight made me grab for my camera and start shooting. I caught her off-guard and I was able to capture her natural laugh as opposed to the strained, posed smile which she probably developed due to her mother over-photographing her. LOL So, without any added saturation or contrast there’s not a lot of “pop” with this straight-out-of-the-camera shot but, I love the natural, soft lighting and the genuine sweetness and joy on her face. 🙂

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3 comments on “365 Project – 81: Candid and natural (March 21, 2012)

  1. Steve (SLHPHOTO1 at Photobucket) says:

    I’m curious about your cropping choice … why did you decide to position her far to the left? The bright tiles to the right tends to compete for attention. The “natural” tendency would be to position her to the right.

    Maybe you’re just cropping out some other distracting bit of image? How do you think the “feeling” of the photo would be changed if the positioning was switched?

    Nice soft light for a soft subject!

    This image certainly shows the D5000s ability to render nice, smooth, even skin tones … even at ISO 1600! At least at small sizes on the web.


  2. meelswa says:

    Steve: good point about the competing tiles. maybe if i shot it with a shallower DOF they could be so distracting? and, i didn’t crop this image much. she was already positioned on the right. i could have cropped her portrait instead, for more of a square photo? with her face tilted to the left i suppose your eye would more naturally travel further to the left IF i composed the photo that way. thanks for the great comments and questions!


  3. Steve (SLHPHOTO1 at Photobucket) says:

    I think your DOF is just right.

    It’s the luck of the lighting & background. Of course, post process you could burn in and blur the tiles in a bit to return the attention to the lightest area, Noras’ face.


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