Plugging the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts (Port Angeles, WA) and Hayley Croxford, winner of the 2012 JFFA poster contest!

I love the chance to share my photos through my blog but, having a photo published, whether it’s in a magazine or chosen for an online photography contest, puts that little extra hip-hop into my step. 😉  Last week I took this photo of Hayley Croxford, the winner of our local JFFA Festival poster contest.  Seeing it on the front page of our Peninsula Daily Newswas a nice surprise this morning! 🙂 And, doesn’t Hayley and her poster look amazing??

So, for those of you that are not familiar with our fabulous Juan de Fuca Festival, you really should consider taking a vacation Memorial Day Weekend and enjoying both our gorgeous Olympic Peninsula mountains and strait AND attend our 4-day family-friendly festival.  Think “Bumbershoot” or “FolkFest” on a much smaller scale:  see amazing music, in small venues (up close to the perfomers), without the traffic or parking issues, or big ticket prices.

See the complete list of ~ 40 performers at  Here are some of the performers I’m looking forward to seeing: Allen Stone, Baka Beyond, Zili Misik, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Impossible Bird (with lead singer Nick Drummond from the disbanded The Senate),  Blame Sally,  Halie Loren, The Sugar Beets , Fish & Bird, improv comedian Damonde Tschritter and many more!

And, if you’re a Playing for Change fan, our annual fundraiser is this Saturday, March 17th, with Playing for Change performing in a small, comfortable venue, the Little Theater at Peninsula College.  Apparently, this is one one of the smallest venues they have ever performed.  More info about Playing for Change and our JFFA Fundraiser here.

Love the arts?  Music, dance, visual arts, theater and fun festival energy?  Seriously, check out what JFFA offers, during our Memorial Day weekend festival, and all year-round at our seasonal concerts.  Whereever you are…SUPPORT THE ARTS!!!    Thank you! 🙂


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