Nora FINALLY mastered the rope tow! (Hurricane Ridge – Port Angeles, WA)

FINALLY! Nora has mastered the rope tow by herself!! The past few years my hubby has taken her up the rope tow and EVERY time, Nora has fully leaned on him, without learning how to “ride” the rope tow on her own. We decided to put her in a private lesson, with her BFF who HAS mastered the rope tow, and vwallah…up, up, up on her own! Whew! We’ve skiied other areas and Nora can do the magic carpets and even lifts on her own.  But, for some reason, mastering the rope tow has eluded her.  So, no more leaning on my hubby and no more backaches! 🙂 The Hurricane Ridge Ski Area is a small, sweet area for families and a great place to learn skiing. So grateful to have this gem in our backyard!

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