365 Project – 44 : Palm trees and tradewinds (February 13, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/100, Aperture: F16, ISO: 100

Almost everything about Hawaii appeals to my senses…the taste of the local tropical fruit, the humidity on my hair and skin, the buoyancy of an ocean swim, the stirring of my spirit at the sight of magnificent breaching whales and basking green sea turtles, and the feast for our eyes surrounded by swaying palm trees and vibrantly colored flowers. One of my favorite reasons for visiting Hawaii is the relaxing effect the island environment has on me. Now in the North Shore, as opposed to bustling Waikiki, we can sleep with the windows open, feeling the gentle breeze from the tradewinds and listening to the rustling of the palm trees and waves crashing. Nature’s best lullaby ever. Awww….

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2 comments on “365 Project – 44 : Palm trees and tradewinds (February 13, 2012)

  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful! Amelia, we love your photography so much around here!


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