365 Project – 5: It started with a t-shirt… (January 5, 2012)

Shutter Speed: 1/60, Aperture: F/1.4, ISO: 200

One of my “jobs” is as a volunteer for the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts here in Port Angeles, WA. I won’t go on and on here about this organization or how much I love it but, definitely, you should at least peruse the website for yourself. 🙂

Since we’re in the process of designing a t-shirt for this year’s summer youth arts camps, I snapped this candid shot of Nora wearing this Seattle Children’s Theater t-shirt while she was talking to her dad on my flip phone. Instead of focusing on the simplicity of the t-shirt design I couldn’t help but seeing Nora as a teeny bopper. Oh…I am soooo not looking forward to that! “If I could turn back time…” LOL Well, I think it’s still a great shot of the t-shirt. HA! 🙂

Read more about my 365 Project: Untouched photos from my Nikon D5000 with 50mm lens

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