Something I love about winter? Boots!

For anyone that knows me it’s no secret that I often dream of my skin being warmed by the sun, surfing in Hawaii, and living in nothing but flip flops, swim wear and a sarong.  But, come winter time, the boots come out!  I tuck my skinny jeans into my tall boots with shiny buckles, top it with a snug sweater, wrap on a colorful scarf and I’m feeling warm, toasty and hip.

Okay…I found something positive to say about winter.  Now, back to dreaming about Hawaii…… LOL

2 comments on “Something I love about winter? Boots!

  1. Amy says:

    Good on ya Amelia! I am never quite sure what’s good about winter, so I admire this positive post. Always thought if I had a winter sport, I might appreciate it more. But for now, bring on that spring!


    • meelswa says:

      Oh…thanks Amy! I try hard not to whine about the long, cold, dark, gray, wet winters but, as I get older they definitely get to me. Like you, I’m looking forward to spring!!


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