Easiest cookie tip ever: add roasted, salted pecans

Seriously, this baking tip is so easy that I’ve already pretty much summed it up in the title of this post.  The other day I was baking cookies with my daughter and I added nuts to half of the batch.  I found some roasted, salted pecans in the freezer, pressed a few pecans into each cookie, then popped a warm, salty, sweet morsel in my mouth 12 minutes later.  It was SOOOOO YUMMY!!  Just that tiny hit of salt elevated all the flavors.

Anyway, I’m sure someone already has recipes out there with salted nuts but, I stumbled upon this by accident. With the salty-sweet craze over the past years, I’m, like “Duh! Why didn’t I think about this earlier?!”  I may be the last one in the know about adding salted nuts, versus unsalted nuts, to your cookies, but, in case anyone else hadn’t thought about it yet, I thought I’d share.  It’s so easy.  Try it with any of your favorite cookie recipes and savor the sweet-salty goodness! 🙂

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