Macro Photography: Doll shoes on piano keys (sense of scale)

For a macro photo challenge I quickly set up a couple of my daughter’s Barbie and Polly Pocket shoes on some piano keys. The photo I submitted showed a red Barbie heel behind a pink Polly Pocket flip-flop, to show how miniscule those Polly Pocket accessories are…which, as a parent I find sooooo annoying! But, I took a second photo of just the red Barbie heel by itself  taken with my Nikon D5000 and 35mm 1.8G lens. I am borrowing this lens from a friend and it is on my wish list! Hubby: *hint hint* LOL  The other flip-flop/heel photo was taken with my Olympus E-500 and 35mm 1:3.5 macro lens and it shows the desired sense of scale.   It could be the lens I used or the simplicity of the composition and colors but, I just like this photo below better.  What do you think?

Because I assumed the inventor of the Polly Pocket must not have been a parent, I googled it and found out it indeed WAS a dad named Chris Riggs and he designed the first Polly Pocket for his daughter Kate. Maybe he left the household cleaning to someone else and didn’t think about how often those tiny parts would end up in millions of vacuum cleaners?! In case you were curious about the history of Polly Pockets like I was, click on this Wikipedia link.


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