This month’s Ready, Set, Snap! photo winner…ME! :)

I participate in the Ready, Set, Snap! photo contests on facebook and this month one of my photos won! Weekly contest winners are chosen by the most number of *likes*; monthly photos are selected by photographer Devin Kirschner. Here’s what Devin wrote about my photo: “Monthly DEVIN DECIDES winner!! Well, selecting this winner was more difficult than I had expected! So many great photos! My decisions are based upon use of light, composition, technical ability (exposure, etc.) and creativity. This month’s winner is……Amelia Diaz Andaleon! I feel that she displayed all of those critera VERY well! Tricky exposure (notice the detail in the sky despite the bright sun), and I love the creativity of how she used that sunlight. Great job Amelia, you have secured a page on the calendar! Keep posting, you can win more than once!!”

Click here to go to the facebook page and view my winning photo. Join this facebook group and enter the photo contests yourselves!


4 comments on “This month’s Ready, Set, Snap! photo winner…ME! :)

  1. danitacahill says:

    Love this — your framing of the donkey (mule?) and the lens flare. Still lots of detail on the fence post. Simple. Very nice!


  2. meelswa says:

    danitacahill: thanks! and, yes, the jury is still out…is it a donkey or a mule?? thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! 🙂


  3. That is a great photo. Just wonderful. And just something about a mule/donkey that is wonderful. Congrats on the win!


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