Memory Lane: Halloween when Nora was almost 3 years old

Halloween always comes a month before Nora’s birthday. This year, just shy of 6 years old, for the first time Nora said she wants to be scary and she’s not afraid of trick-or-treating. Until this year she’s been anything from a cuddly bear to a fairy to a flower power girl. Now the house is decorated with cobwebs, spiders, spooky music, a ghoulish flying ghost and a skeleton. In a few days I’ll post a photo after I do my best to paint Nora’s face and make her look like a scary witch. She’s pretty dang cute even with her scariest face but, she’s determined to be SCARY!

So, I was reminiscing and found this photo of Nora just before her 3rd birthday. Yup, my eyes are wet with my-girl’s-growing-up-too-fast-tears. For some reason I was hoping she would get over her fear of Halloween and embrace the spooky ghoulishness of this fun holiday. Now I wonder why I was in such a hurry to have her grow out of her sweet “but, i don’t want to be scary, mama” phase. Ugh, this photo tugs at my heartstrings. I just adore my sweet Norita…

And, here’s Nora’s Halloween costume…3 years later:



2 comments on “Memory Lane: Halloween when Nora was almost 3 years old

  1. What a wondergul iage,a dn your words tug at my heart strings too. How absolutely sweet. Have a wonderful Halloween with Nora! 🙂


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