A glorious day on the olympic peninsula: Ruby Beach

We were all sneezing and red-eyed from allergies, thanks to the bloomin’ cottonwood, so my hubby exasperatingly exclaimed “We’re heading to concrete in Seattle or to a pollen-free beach!” And, what a glorious decision we made spending the day at Ruby Beach. About 2 hours away from Port Angeles (maybe less without our routine stop at Thriftway in Forks?) and an easy 1/4 mile hike to the beach, we all freely breathed in the salty air, soaked up the sun, and relaxed to the sound of the waves. Nora flew her princess kite, made instruments with rocks and driftwood, collected shells, ran in and out of the crashing waves, and spent a little time drawing and writing in her travel journal. (I should have asked Thad to take a photo…I’ve kept a journal since I was a kid and Nora has just recently joined me in my writing endeavours. We both sat down, side by side, journaling and sketching the seastacks. A lovely mama-daughter moment for me, for sure!)

And, Paco had the best day fetching and swimming in the surf. He turns 8 in a few days. We decided this was a great way to start celebrating his birthday week! 🙂 Ruby Beach is one of the few beaches in Olympic National Park which allows dogs on a leash making it a great choice for a dog-friendly family outing. Kalaloch, Rialto Beach, etc. tend to get more visitors but, definitely consider Ruby Beach. It really is one of our many olympic peninsula gems…hehe pun intended! 😉

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