Nora solves the mystery of the easter bunny! LOL

Easter’s old news but, I realized I had this sweet photo of Nora I wanted to post to my much neglected blog. And, I wanted to share Nora’s easter bunny story.

While we packed for our easter weekend trip to Portland, Oregon my hubby asks “What are we going to do about the easter bunny?” Which I replied, “What do you mean? Do we HAVE to do something about it?” Then, Thad emphatically asserted “Of course we do! Nora needs to wake up with a basket and eggs and a bunny on Easter morning!” I raised my eyebrows and questioned “Seriously?? I didn’t grow up with the easter bunny so I didn’t think it was a big deal.” Surprisingly, Thad softened his expression and gave me a sympathetic “Wow, I’m sorry…”

Really? Did EVERYONE grow up with the easter bunny? I didn’t realize that kids actually believed in the easter bunny, like santa clause. It was important to Thad so I went along with it but, to me it was just ANOTHER uncomfortable lie I was committing as a parent AND another holiday where SOMEONE (or SOMETHING) ELSE was getting the credit and praise for these cute easter bunny “droppings.”

So, everyone in the family was in on the easter bunny. Even Nora’s cousins, who are in their 20s, got into the spirit and competitively searched the house and yard for their baskets and goodies. Nora loved it and I resigned to a “no harm, no foul” attitude and agreed to continue with this easter bunny charade.

But, the best part of the easter bunny saga happened when we got home. Shortly after walking in the house Nora shouted “The easter bunny was here!! He left the box that my easter bunny came in! Look! Look!” I gave Thad the stink eye and we both said nothing (come on! remember to throw out those packages!) Nora proceeded to run through the house looking for evidence of the easter bunny. She found a kleenex on the couch and the indentation of the easter bunny’s butt.. she concluded “The easter bunny must have realized I wasn’t here, he sat on the couch and cried, left the box in the bathroom, then hopped on down to Portland to give me my presents because I was so good. I’m going to keep looking for more clues that the easter bunny was here!!” You gotta’ love that optimism and confidence! Whew! We dodged that easter bunny bullet…for now! LOL


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