A relaxing AND busy weekend: socializing, gardening, soccer and beef bourguignon!

Meeting my website deadline last Friday left me bleary-eyed and exhausted.  I was ready for a relaxing, do nothing weekend, wanting to spend days holed up at home in my PJs.  But… (of course, there was going to be a BUT!) family  plans were made, not all by me, and although I was so tempted to cancel I kept each commitment.   Miraculously I ended up having a busy AND relaxing weekend!  Years ago I attended a women’s retreat and the life coach leading us taught us the term  “BOTH AND.”  Having a tendency to see things as “black and white” it was liberating that there’s more than one right solution.   Amazingly, I was exhausted AND I had fun!

  1. Dinner with friends at THEIR house…I was so tired I didn’t think I had the energy to socialize.  But, we were treated to lots of laughs, a great meal and we came home to a clean house and not one dish to wash!   
  2. Gardening…yes, it was work but, after I planted in pots and in the ground, I took a step back, took a look and finally getting that project done felt great! 
  3. Soccer…my first game of the season.  I was dreading it, mostly anticipating sucking wind and hurting afterwards, but, all my recent conditioning paid off!  Our team of mamas, most of us in our 40s, played a team of JV and varsity girls.  We lost AND we scored 6 goals (uh-huh…BOTH AND!)  Final score: 7 – 6…and I SCORED A GOAL!   Not much wind-sucking going on, no injuries and no pain.  Just fun!  And, dang, scoring a goal felt great!!
  4. Hosting dinner…even before I washed the mud off my soccer legs I tackled the Barefoot Contessa’ Filet of Beef Bourguignon recipe and  massaged some freshly picked sweet kale for my salad.  Long story short…hours later, on a beautifully set candle-lit table, I served up a yummy meal!  No leftovers, the sauce was sopped up with my latest favorite Pane’ de Lion bread from our local Pane’ d Amore bakery and I ended up serving up one of the best meals I’ve made in a long time.  (Try the Barefoot Contessa recipe.  Faster than Julia Child’s and so tasty!  I had intended to take a picture but, before I could even grab my camera we were all digging in and it was all gone!!!  Quick tip:  I cooked it with Chianti, I didn’t have pearl onions so I used sliced sweet onions, and, I didn’t have to thicken the sauce with flour. )

Yup, I’m pattin’ my back… gardening, a soccer goal and  Beef Bourguignon in one day!   Oh, and yeah, that busy work week…it’s been awhile since I worked on a new website.  That was kind’ve a big deal for me too.  Obviously, I’m pleased with myself.  So, pleased I wanted to whip off this quick blog entry and share it!  HA!  There are days (weeks?) that clean laundry stays in the basket before I even get around to folding it (I’m not joking…ask my hubby…it annoys the heck out of him!)  Coming out of YEARS of having chronic fatigue syndrome and anemia…this IS a big deal for me!    But, now it’s time to REALLY relax.  Hubby’s finishing up the dishes, Nora’s off to bed, and it’s PJ time…FINALLY!!!!   🙂


One comment on “A relaxing AND busy weekend: socializing, gardening, soccer and beef bourguignon!

  1. SMS says:

    You own a amazing flair of drafting.Good Luck and keep going.And yes i have digg your site ameliaandaleon.wordpress.com .


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