Seattle family-friendly weekend getaway ideas

Nora - Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)

Our family loves small-town life in Port Angeles, WA but, we also enjoy our city fixes which frequently take us across the sound to Seattle.

If you’re visiting the Emerald City, here are some suggestions:
1) Hyatt Olive 8: On average you can get a room (one king or two queens) at this eco, LEED-certified hotel in downtown Seattle for $140. Why we love it:
* walking distance to shopping, pike place market, the monorail (to get to seattle center), movie theaters, and lots of family-friendly and upscale eateries
* it has a saltwater pool and hot-tub
* although I have yet to pamper myself there, it does have its own Elaia Spa to enjoy massages, manicures, facials, etc.
* this is the official hotel for the visiting MLS soccer teams playing the Sounders FC. We JUST missed LA Galaxy’s David Beckham, Landon Donovan, etc. by TWO DAYS! Knowing they were just there was still pretty cool. 😉
* Nora’s favorite eateries just around the corner from the Olive 8:
Blue C Sushi: this retro, asian eatery is entertaining, reasonably priced and for our family satisfies both kids and parents. For Nora, being able to watch the plates go by on the revolving belt is a thrill and grabbing the plates herself makes her feel like a big girl! Nora’s favs: edamame, green beans, chicken katsu and…the mini chocolate eclairs!
The Cheesecake Factory: well, no explanation needed why this restaurant is one of Nora’s favorites!  Surprisingly, you can find some healthy dishes like their lentil soup or choose from several salads. One of my favorites is the Spicy Ahi Tempura Roll.  It’s an appetizer but, it’s enough for an entire meal for me.  Our fav cheesecake which we SHARE: the Red Velvet Cheesecake.  I have to scrape off the half-inch of cream cheese frosting off the top though. It’s a calorie splurge but, once or twice a year…why not?? HEADS-UP: avoid long waits by going at “off-times” otherwise expect to wait at least 15 minutes.


2) Pike Place Market – famous for their flying fish, fresh flowers, abundant produce stands, and artisan goods our daughter’s favorites are:
* Beecher’s macaroni and cheese: grabbing some creamy, rich mac and cheese to go, or getting it frozen to cook up later, is worth the wait. this is Nora’s preferred lunch treat when we’re downtown.
* walk the main drag and enjoy the many buskers performing on the sidewalks. Nora loves this gospel doo-wop group that performs outside the original Starbuck’s:

3) Seattle Center: From the Olive 8 walk a few blocks to Westlake Center and take the monorail to Seattle Center. It’s only a couple bucks for this SHORT “train ride.” In about 5 minutes you’ll get dropped off outside the Center House where you can grab a bite at the food court or head downstairs to take your kids to the Seattle Children’s Museum. Step outside and you can choose from the EMP (Experience Music Project), Space Needle, Seattle Children’s Theater (Nora’s favorite), the Pacific Science Center (and IMAX theaters), and the fountain.
* Nora’s favorite things to do at Seattle Center: having lunch and getting her feet wet running around the fountain. Enjoy the fountain “shows” and music. Maybe bring a change of clothes in the summer if you think your kid will get soaked by the animated fountain.   When possible, we catch a show at the Seattle Children’s Theater.

Nora - Seattle Center (Seattle, WA)

4) Olympic Sculpture Park: Want to escape the crowds and just enjoy the natural beauty of the Emerald City? Just below the Seattle Center you will find the artsy Olympic Sculpture Park with a dog-friendly, walking and bike path along the waterfront. Seattle is abundant with beautiful parks. I am definitely no expert on ALL the parks in Seattle but, two of our other favorites (not walking distance from downtown; both dog-friendly) are:
Discovery Park
The Arboretum – if you love botanical gardens this is the park for you!

5) Urban Yoga Spa: Lastly, I need to plug one of my latest favorite yoga studios. About a 10 min. walk from the Olive 8 is this amazing hot yoga studio and spa. I’ve taken the Power Vinyasa Flow and Hot Hatha classes. A few years ago I indulged in a PVF class followed by a massage (while also escaping a 3 hour Mariners’ game with my hubby and daughter!)  I was a noodle when I walked out of there. For this mama it was the perfect day of pampering! 🙂

There are SO MANY amazing places to visit in Seattle but, I hope you enjoy some of our family’s favorites.  And, if you have some favorite Seattle digs, I’d love to hear about them!  🙂

Photos taken with my LG Verizon cell phone


5 comments on “Seattle family-friendly weekend getaway ideas

  1. Moe says:

    Amelia your photos never cease to amaze me! This yoga studio looks FABULOUS!! I’m going to have to try and sneak over to Seattle for a day sometime and take a class…if you’re ever heading over that way let me know and maybe I can tag along!


  2. meelswa says:

    Moe: You’d LOVE it! A girls’ yoga outing would be fun!! (oh…and thank you! 🙂


  3. Damian says:

    This is very inspiring work you have created for us. Some people need to know that these things can ensue to anyone. You have shown me a better view now.
    I also strongly recommend to watch Hop online, it’s awesome movie, rating A+


  4. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the great post about Seattle! I wish I lived a bit closer so that I could enjoy a weekend getaway to Seattle. It looks like such a beautiful city with so many fun things to do and see!


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