Snow painting

My crafty,blogger friend Carrie shared this blog post about painting snow. School was closed today and we were snow bound without a car but, it was gorgeous and sunny so this was an outdoor activity my daughter loved after she was tired of sledding and making snow angels.

Compared to the artroomplant blogger we just used finger paints and brushes. As you can see, Nora’s paintings were less delicate and refined, but, for us, that wasn’t the point. Just being outside, in the sun, PAINTING THE SNOW, for the heck of it, was super fun. I blasted Susan Bareille’s Little Voice on the outside speakers and we just had a good ‘ol messy time.

We used our picnic table as the palette. The paints would kind’ve freeze up when we tried to actually “stroke” the snow. Eventually, Nora started to pack down the snow which made it easier for her draw. She started doing some splatter painting to make a flower. It made for a fun experiment thinking about how the snow affected the paint and vice versa. Best part, these paints will just wash away with the rains (soon to come…ho hum.)

Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something different and easy to do on a snow day!


2 comments on “Snow painting

  1. rhubarbsky says:

    Fun! We got in on that too, but used eyedroppers and food coloring + water. You’re quick! I haven’t even uploaded my pictures yet. 😉


  2. meelswa says:

    can’t wait to see your snow paintings!! yeah, being a computer geek, a fast typer, and having software to prep my photos quickly makes it all pretty fast to do a quick blog post. a day with some downtime helped too!


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