Snow Globe Shivasana

4 days ago we were in Chile, wearing flip flops and sunblock, and today we stomped around our yard and neighborhood in Sorels and faux-fur-lined parkas. We live at sea level, with typically moderate winters, with few snow days…down low. Not so, this year. The forecast predicts a “Major arctic outbreak…” Winter wants us to know it’s here and, that she’s staying awhile longer.

For sure, I am grateful for our warm, dry house, electricity (we lost power for just a second), being prepared if we DO lose power, a belly full of arroz caldo, and that we avoided the many accidents on these slick roads (one fatality on Hwy 101 at Morse Creek today…so sad.)

Since we ARE safe, warm, and fed, we were also able to enjoy the beauty and the silence of the soft, white blanket of snow. The gently falling snow lured my family to play in our snow globe. Paco, our yellow lab-retriever, went crazy in the snow, diving nose first then rolling around on his back. I swear, he looked like he was smiling and giggling. Nora made snow angels, ran, threw snow balls, and just laughed and laughed.

In one breath, the chill in the air invigorated and energized, then in another, my heart was stilled and my thoughts calmed by the acoustics and the artistry created by the snow-covered landscape. Snow Globe Pranayama.

Post-walk my soul is wearing a sweet, peaceful Buddha smile. Snow Globe Shivasana. I was missing my yoga classes in Chile but, instead I practiced yoga just being in our Port Angeles snow globe. I am grateful for this much needed reminder that I can reach that spiritual insight and tranquillity, right here, where I live, instead of needing a tricked-out zen yoga studio. Thank you Universe – for today’s snow globe yoga practice: Snow Globe Pranayama and Shivasana. I needed that. 🙂

Feb 23, 2011 - Port Angeles in a Snow Globe


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