Port Angeles IS my utopia…

If I do this long enough, using this blog as an online diary, I’ll probably find that EVERY winter I start wondering where my utopia is, when really, all I need to do is get through the cold, dark, PA winters with my sunlamp, game nights, playdates, skiing, hot-tubbing, and retail-therapy (I’m sure if someone did a study of Port Angeles ladies taking shopping excursions during the wintertime, sans-kids, they would find an increased percentage of elevated moods. Seriously…) If I follow this prescription, along with putting an ixnay on the whining, I will remember how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Port Angeles!

NOTE TO SELF: Escaping winter, to a warm climate, for a REAL vacation is a good thing. HOWEVER…5 weeks in Chile, tagging along on hubby’s biz trip and barely seeing him at all, is NOT an ideal winter getaway for Nora and I. Remember this for next year. Do. Not. Do. That. Again! LOL

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