One or…two???

I heart faces is featuring “pink” photos in honor of breast cancer awareness and I’m having a hard time choosing between these adorable shots of my friend’s daughter, Miss Daphne Rose. I’m probably leaning towards the photo showing off her dress…and tushy! They’re both cute but, I’m thinking that one better features “pink.” What do you think?

BTW – click here to see the photo I chose

(click on each photo to enlarge)


Daphne and her pink dress

Daphne and her pink dress


Daphne Rose

And, here’s a photo of Nora I considered but, in the end it didn’t make my short list.

Nora in pink...laughing


4 comments on “One or…two???

  1. Love the caption….perfect for the photo! Adorable brown curls too!


  2. Serline says:

    Gazing into the crystal ball, this will be one of those photos Daphne’s friends will put up on the screen for her wedding reception 😉


  3. Celine says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!!!!! She is soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!


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