What a girl wants…when she’s almost 5.

My daughter apparently likes to plan ahead. Pretty much immediately after her last birthday she was already planning the next one. Today, just a little over a month away from her 5th birthday, she was finalizing her 5 year-old birthday plans (to be announced later…she’s still working out every…minute…detail!), and she asked me to write down her birthday ideas for the next FIVE YEARS!


FIVE: Ballet
SIX: Peacock
SEVEN: Flamingo
EIGHT: Nail polish (translation: mani-pedis)
NINE: Gymnastics
TEN: Swimming

Gratefully, none of the themes involved Disney characters or Barbie or Hannah Montana or anything I find too commercial. But, even so…I’m still in charge of the venue of next month’s ballet birthday party. Just not in my house. The luxury of walking away from a post-party mess is worth every penny! 🙂


Last year we started a tradition to ask people to bring a donation to Nora’s chosen charity, in lieu of gifts. This year she wanted to get food for people that are hungry and homeless but, she wanted to know WHO those people are and give them the food personally. Hmmm…I have to work on this one but, I love the idea!

And, since Nora had my secretarial attention, she also wanted me to document what she wanted to be when she grows up.

WHAT NORA WANTS TO BE WHEN SHE GROWS UP (items crossed out indicate a change of mind)

Swimming teacher
Gymnastics coach
Soccer coach

FYI – last year she wanted to be a cheerleader and a cowgirl

We recorded all of this in a journal I started for Nora after she was born. It started with me writing letters to Norita and now it contains my periodic observations and interviews with Nora. Journaling is such a precious activity, leaving us with priceless memories. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Nora’s lovely, funny thoughts!

5 comments on “What a girl wants…when she’s almost 5.

  1. Don’t you just LOVE this age?! Abby had her birthdays planned for years too.

    See: http://rhubarbsky.com/2009/04/11/abby-says-the-darndest-things/

    And: http://rhubarbsky.com/2009/09/19/planning-ahead/

    I can’t wait to see pics of Nora’s 5th. xoxo


  2. meelswa says:

    I DO love this age! And, thanks for inspiring me to share stories about parenting from YOUR BLOG! 🙂 xoxoxo


  3. meelswa says:

    Oh, Carrie. Just read the two blog entries you listed and they’re hilarious! Love, love, love Abby! Thanks for sharing!


  4. myfullcup says:

    She is too cute, both in the pictures and her desires. When I was 5 I wanted to drive a cattle truck because…I liked the smell.


  5. […] Previously I posted a list of birthday themes Nora had planned for the next 5 years, including this year’s 5-year old party which was supposed to be a ballet party.  While making her guest list she decided she had too many boys she wanted to invite to the party and “boys don’t do ballet” (yes, I’ve had the Mikhail Baryshnikov talk with her but, that didn’t matter) so, she used her female perogative and switched it to a plain old dance party.  Although I KNOW boys do ballet, I happened to agree with her so we proceeded to invite her 20+ friends, of which less than 10 were girls, and we ended up with a fun Zumbatomic dance party!  Despite Nora waking up with a cold (criminy…another birthday cold!) she still was a fun party girl, albeit with less energy than normal.  […]


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