Does Cold Weather Make You Fat?

It’s June gloom here in the Pacific Northwest making me want to hibernate and devour anything sweet, rich and FATTENING!! What’s up with that?!

To somewhat answer my question I found an article by Tom Venuto
“Does Cold Weather Make You Store Body Fat?”
. In a nutshell, YES, it’s harder to lose fat in cold weather:
* in warm weather we wear less clothes and are more conscious of our flabby parts so we let ourselves go (and when we need to shave…I digress.)
* SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome) can create unhealthy food cravings
* “To stay lean all year round, you have to remain alert about increases in your appetite and decreases in your activity…Stay active, stay diligent about nutrition, stay accountable, and if you start to experience weight gain, nip it in the bud – fast!”

OK, not really rocket science but, it staved off my craving for chocolate cake. Instead I whipped up some healthy stuffed peppers for dinner and they were DELICIOUS!! Willpower prevailed this time, but, come on sunshine, come out and stay awhile!!

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