Capturing a dark, moody black and white photo

For an upcoming photo challenge I put Nora to work, dressing her all in black (thinking this would help?), then photographed her on the roof of our carport to try to add some interesting perspective and texture to the photos. Posing Nora for some gloomy photos was a new challenge for me! She was a cooperative model and she got a kick out of being allowed up onto the roof (which happens to be accessible from the ground level in our garden area. This was a SAFE photo shoot!)
So, which one is gloomier? ONE or…

the photo i may use for the march 29 i heart photos challenge with texture


Gloomy black and white photo of Nora

These didn’t make the cut for this week’s challenge but, they’re keepers!

Playing with different photo angles with Nora on the roof

Nora having a hard time giving me a moody expression (i love her smile!)


The good, the bad, the ugly...I can take it. Talk at me! :)

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